A great night's sleep starting from as little as £65 per night

cool camping tent hire in norfolk

What we do


camp in style without the stress

Fancy trying camping for the first time before investing in a tent and all the kit……

Live in a small house with barely enough room for your essentials, let alone a whole load of camping stuff…..

Can you squeeze little more into your car than you, the kids and a bucket and spade...

Getting a train to Norfolk for a walking or cycling holiday and don’t fancy carrying a tent on  your back…..

Or do you simply want to spend a few nights getting back to nature in a cool, vintage style tent which will be the envy of all the other campers...

No problem, The Little Beach Bell Company is for all of you.


what to expect

All you have to do is turn up, open the zip and make yourself at home.

We will set up your tent and have everything ready for your arrival.   Your bell tent will be secured with a tag tie, you simply need to cut it and the zip will open. That way, we know that everything we leave in the tent will be there when you arrive.

All our tents come with a few basics and a few surprises - which we consider camping must-haves! 

If you want us to provide any more kit, add the things you need from our extra’s list – we like to call them the trimmings!   

The only thing we can’t provide is a fire or cooker…we can pretty much do everything else, and if it isn’t on the list, let us know, we always welcome suggestions.


Enjoy your stay

All you have to do is unpack, get yourself settled in and enjoy not just your home for the night, but exploring our fabulous county as well. 

Best of all,  when it is time to leave, we do all the packing away for you, leaving you to take just your belongings, and hopefully some wonderful memories, home. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What does the price include?


It includes the hire of the tent and any other extras you choose to pay for.

Do I have to book and pay for the campsite?

Booking the campsite, and paying for it, is down to you. But we have plenty of great ideas if you are stuck for inspiration when it comes to where to stay. Just drop us a line and we can help.

What time do I have to check in and out??


This is down to the rules of the campsite, however, we will need half an hour to set up between the check-in time and your arrival to get everything ready for you, and half an hour between your departure and the campsite check-out time, to make sure we have time to clear the site. 

Can I use a cooker in the tent?

This is an absolute no no. Please see further information in our terms and conditions about the danger of not just fire, but more specifically, carbon monoxide poisoning. This applies to barbecues as well. It is a very real danger so please, adhere to the rules – it isn’t to spoil your fun, it is to keep you safe.

What happens if the weather forecast is terrible and I want to cancel?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer any refunds in the 21 days prior to your trip. The weather – especially up on the coast – is always a little unpredictable, so try not to worry too much. When it says sunshine, you often get a shower, when it says downpours, you might have a soggy morning but the most spectacular of warm sunny late afternoons and evenings. Please see our terms and conditions for information about cancellations in light of dangerous weather conditions. In the highly unlikely event that high winds are predicted which could be considered dangerous, we will be forced to cancel as we can’t risk your safety. In this instance, a full  refund will be offered. However, in all our years of camping as a family, we have only ever had to abandon camp once because of high winds, so it is very unlikely – and our bell tents are very hardy!

Can I add extra items at the last minute if everything won’t squeeze in my car?

Just drop us a line, if we have the items available, the answer is most definitely yes.